Medical references

MSF Medical Guidelines website is now online. Guides are going to be available as one goes along on the platform. We updated the links on Refbooks when the guidelines are available on Medical Guideline.

Other links

Essential_drugs Essential drugs - 2016
English / Français / EspañolArabic
Clinical_Guide Clinical guidelines - 2016
English / Français / Español
Refugee_Health Refugee health - 1997
Obstetrics Essential obstetric and newborn care - 2015
English / Français
Rapid Health Rapid health assessment of refugee or displaced populations - 2006
PublicHealthEngineering Public health engineering - 2nd edition 2010
English / Français
Tuberculosis Tuberculosis - 2014
Measles Measles - 2013
English / Français
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Updated on September 21st, 2017